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Have been wanting to share my experiences and ideas with all about my understanding of fashion. Fashion is something that expresses about the person you are.  The last 3.5 years of my journey in fashion has been extremely enriching… With no prior technical knowledge or degree I have travelled the distance by creating what I felt from my heart.

Fashion is what you buy, Style is what you do with it !

Kidswear designing came very naturally to me. In the process while visiting fabric markets and even factories realised that there was so much of pollution that was being caused by the wastage that was disposed off.. Even sacks of fabric cuts came out from my own unit which I did not have to heart to dispose off. They had leftovers of such beautiful fabrics, laces and other embellishments. I started upcycling these “chindis” – waste fabrics, into beautiful flowers and matching accessories.

I was able to create a demand for these upcycled accessories and clothing created from waste and in the process was able to identify my brand story.

Many Frocks & got its reason for existence – A fast and sustainable fashion brand.

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